About Us

Chris Chu Law is a boutique law firm located in Downtown Toronto’s prestigious Yorkville neighbourhood.  Since its founding in 2016, the firm has quickly emerged as a respected general practice group. Our lawyers are equipped to handle a broad range of legal disciplines.  With a keen sense of business acumen, Chris Chu Law provides a broad range of legal transactional services spanning from residential real estate conveyancing, commercial leasing to specialized corporate law matters.  Our lawyers are respected litigators and advocates to a variety of issues, covering topics of human rights law to complex civil proceedings.

Chris Chu Law’s reputation for high-quality legal services has attracted a dynamic roster of clients.  Given our boutique size and modern, tech-friendly approach to practicing law, we service individuals and families looking for day-to-day guidance as well as large overseas companies alike.

Our client base is fostered on a commitment of openness, fair billings and long-term cooperation.  These values have enabled us to create lasting relationships with clients, legal counsel and specialists from all parts of the world.  Apart from their respected legal pedigree, the lawyers at Chris Chu Law come from a diverse background of experiences. Prior to joining the firm, our lawyers have been involved with multi-national companies, overseas projects and a host of other non-legal industry placements.  The breadth of our backgrounds provides a unique global and business-forward worldview that helps enrich our client interactions.